have created my blog in blogspot which is the best place for beginners before some years. Now i have decided to create my own blog with my domain name. Here, one biggest challenge is how to redirect blog from blogspot to my own blog which is hosted in my own domain without loosing traffic. Many of you bloggers faced same situation.

You can do it with one line of snippet. Follow below steps to enter redirection code.

Redirect Blog From Blogspot To .com


Go to blogger and login with login credentials.


Click on “Template” from left side menu.


Here you can see blog preview. Click on “Edit HTML”. In blog html paste below code in <head> tag and click on “Save template”.

Let have a look at below code.

It will redirect blog after 2 seconds of delay. Replace sgeek.org with your url and set delay in content. That’s it your job is done it your visitors will now redirects to you new self hosted host. JavaScript also helps to redirect page.

Put above JavaScript code at bottom of you page in <body> tag.


What it will do is when someone visits blogspot site it will automatically redirect to my Blog which is hosted on custom domain.

  1. Hi.
    May I ask you a question?
    I have a blogger blog that I would like to move to my new domains blog page, meaning, Mysite.com/blog how do I do this without losing SEO ranking?

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