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Project management tools are highly required to accomplish the project successfully. Project management process is the one of the most highly important processes of software management.

These tools help project manager to analysis, task scheduling, resource allocation, project planning, milestone checking, review, delivery project in time, task assigning, scoreboard for team members.

All the tasks should be managed by a project manager. He/she will plan project strategy that can be vary according to projects.
First of all, all the details of project filled out in tools.

Project planning

The first phase of a project is planning everything. The project manager will plan the strategy of project. The strategy is the core planning of project. It includes goals, risk analysis, study core requirement of project, deliver projects correctly.
To help bridge between high-level strategic vision and implementation, many organizations turn to a project management office.

Resource allocation

All the resource allocation is another part of project planning. Resource details include information of resources by whom task executes. It manages all the 3rd party resources that used in development.

Task scheduling

The process includes task allocation and deciding project time line. Helps for time estimation and smooth process flow. The project manager can also use excel templates to update task’s updates regularly once it is scheduled.

Milestone Checklist

One of the best tools enables the project manager to determine tracks and completion of various milestones so he/she can take important decisions for project completion and task assignments.
The project manager has to update data every day or after specific duration.

Project Analysis

It enables project manager to analysis project’s status using charts. A small organization can use simple excel templates for this same or free analysis tools hence large organization have to use tools due to large and complex projects.


The review is one of the highly required phases to score the project. After project completion, Third party review team or internal review expert reviews project.

Score board

The project manager has full access to grade each member of a team and can report to parent management or HR department. Based on client’s review project manager can review the performance of team member upon the task assigned to him/her.

Each organization uses project management tools as per its requirement. Large organization have to use highly optimized tools for this same. Zoho projects, BamBam, Trello, Freedcamp are one of the best project management tools ever.

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