is web based CCM (Customer communication platform) product that helps you to grow your business by sales, marketing and customer support targeting users of your website. In old days marketing and supporting customer needs more manpower, time. Intercom let you do this all things at one place. Intercom is pretty cool to analyze activity of each and every user’s activity in your site. Intercom fetches details of site users such as username, Full name, location, user’s activity, last visited time, email etc. When user registered on your site, intercom updates his/her details in dashboard and frequently updates his/her activity on dashboard.


Here is some excellent features which bustup your business online.

Automated Email

Manageable automated email newsletters can blast your business’s growth. Intercom provides filter that separates site users that let you send specific newsletters to specific group of user. Another great feature is you can send newsletter or popup chat on the base of user’s activity for example You can fire popup with specific content when user opens product detail page.

Activity analysis

Intercom comes with awesum tool by which you can analysis user’s activity and other traffic related details such as most active users by countries, average age range of users as well as user profile is a direct bridge between you and your visitor from which you can send message to your visitor solving his/her queries in chat.


Right panel of dashboard displays website users details such as name, location, gender, last active etc. You can decide and select which user details to display in dashboard. Filters placed in left panel used to filterize users E.g. Which users are most active in last week. you can import existing users of website from CSV, Mailchaimp or Mixpanel by clicking on import button. Segments separates user like New users, Active users, Slipping aways etc


Intercom provides rest API for various languages such as PHP, Ruby, JavaScript etc. It also enables you to sync custom details of your visitor like gender, birthdate, address, hobby etc.
To connect intercom app with your website we need bunch of code that becomes bridge between your website and intercom. Here is a Javascript example to integrate intercom bridge. It sends details of user like name, email when user signin in your site. Add your application’s id in app_id field.

That’s it. intercom configured successfully. You can add more user details something like below

The additional fields gender and phone will automatically added in “Setting for App >> People attribute” tab. Also you can add these additional fields in Dashboard as i described earlier.

Intercom offers some feature free of cost such as dashboard, user events and user segments. Intercom is one of the best customer communication application ever as my opinion.


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