Google reCaptcha

is let you integrate captcha in your website’s form┬áto protect your site from spammers and automatic abuses. Its quite user friendly as it doesn’t verify human by using traditional method of verifying text displayed in image. User just need to select correct images from grid which is answer of question. If user has already logged in google account then there is no need of verification process. Here is step by step tutorial to add recaptcha in your page.

Google ReCaptcha

 Demo Download

Step-1 Create reCaptcha application

First of all you need to create application and register our website in google console.
Click on google reCaptcha and click on “Get reCaptcha”. Now, login with google account. Add application name and add site(s) you want to use reCaptcha and . It also allows multiple domains. After entering all details, Now, note site key and Google secret key. It will need later in implementation.

Step-2 Create HTML form

It contains simple HTML form wtih google reCaptcha snippet. Here, we have create contact us form.

In above code, Replace “Google Site Key” with your site key.
Will check captcha you have entered is valid or not. If captcha is valid then it will send email to perticular email address. Replace “To email address” with your email address. Here you need to Enable php_curl extensation in php.ini file.How to enable curl in php

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