you are using PayPal Payment gateways or thinking to use it than it’s time to check Is your server meets paypal payment gateway ssl requirement? As per PayPal announcement in June 2016, You need minimum requirement of SSL and hosting to use PayPal Payment gateway on your hosting. PayPal has also announced that production environment would be applied from 17th Sep to 30th sep and Full deployment will happen after September 30, 2016, You will need latest updated configuration that should stands on PayPal’s latest policy. Here is guidelines that can assist you in testing and integration.

Very first thing – You need SSL on your website. If you do not have SSL on your site, you will need it. You can inform your current host to install this for you. But, wait..

Before order it, ensure below things

  • It’s G5
  • It’s SHA-2 (256 bits)
  • TLS 1.2

What they need to do is to ensure that our server is compatible with SHA-256 and G5. If you already have SSL, than check either it is enough through or not. Here is simple steps to create script that test your host’s status.

Testing Script

Create php script as ‘test-paypal.php’ in your server’s root directory on which you want to integrate payment gateway or you have already integrated payment gateway.

When you testing paypal setup, go through https://developer.paypal.com/developer/ to get latest sandbox endpoint

Copy and paste above code into ‘test-paypal.php’ file. You need to have knowledge of curl which is little techie. Now, go to the file in a browser such as:


If you get output message such as:


PayPal Test Response

Your server is not ready and you need to contact your hosting provider to upgrade your server.

If you get output message such as:


PayPal Test Response
PayPal_Connection_OKbool(true) string(0)""

Congratulations, Your server is ready!

If you are not technical person, my advice is you would perfer web developer to do such changes. You can comment or drop me email at gopal@sgeek.org for any help. I will glad to help 🙂

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