can access the list of hidden Chrome URLs by typing chrome://about or chrome://chrome-urls in the address bar and hitting Enter. This will open up a page consisting of all the hidden Chrome URLs available for your device. While taking a look at the hidden Chrome capabilities, it’s important to note that not all features can be useful for non-developers. We’ll list down some hidden Chrome URLs that can be specifically useful for general Windows users.


Download Google Chrome from Here

Google Chrome


This particular url lists all the hidden urls of chrome.



This URL can be used to open up all the Chrome apps that you’ve downloaded on your browser. you can access the Chrome Web Store download and install additional

apps, extensions, themes etc.



This url redirects you to bookmark manager. You can even import or export bookmarks as html file.



Page shows information on your recent crashes if you enable crash reporting.



Another Url list out chrome logs.



Thos url shows all the devices added in chrome.



Thumbnails shows all TopSites URLs with Thumbnails.



Opens download manager of chrome. You can also use ctrl+j shortcut key to open download manager.



You can see all the extensions installed in chrome and you can manage all the extensations as well.



It let you know which flashes does chrome supports including vendor, os, chrome version, flash plugin. It may take serval minutes to collect flash information.



GCM internals shows you device information, Check-in Log, Connection Log, Registration Log, Receive Message Log, Message Decryption Failure Log, Send Message Log etc.



It opens setting tab from where you can change settings such as extensation, proxy setting, download settings, Task Manager.



Do not ty if unless you want to close chrome window.



Restarts chrome browser. You can even create bookmark of this url and you can restart google chrome quickly.


Well, Chrome has also more urls rather than above list. Do let me know more useful urls that i have not listed here.


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