Sublime text

is one of the best code editor. Its light weight, as you can change setting and configuration be changing single parameter. Below are some features which make sublime most popular in developers.

Sublime text

Programming language support

Sublime supports syntax formatting for around 40 programming language support including most well known languages such as PHP, C, C++, Java, JavaScript and more. Sublime plugins like alignment adds additional features in code formatting.


Sublime has thousands of active plugins available to install free. Checkout plugins ( for sublime here. To install plugin press ctrl+shift+p and type install by hitting enter package list will be displayed and just search plugin you want to install and hit enter. That’s it sublime will install it automatically.


Its frequency of crash is too much less comparing to other editors. Also sublime provides cool feature of autosave a document. Assume, you have created new document and suddenly sublime crashed automatically. In such situation, document will be automatically saved and get back when you open sublime next time.

Custom default setting

It stores default setting in preference >> Setting – Default in simple syntax. It allows you to changes setting from preference >> Setting – User. Lets take an example, assume you want to change font size of document then its so simple syntax.

Above code will change font to 13.

Key Binding

Sublime comes with set of flexible shortcut keys that user can change from Preference >> Key bindings - Default and also add custom keys Preference >> Key Bindings - User. Here is example to change short key to open new window and close current window.

Just replace ctrl+shift+n with ctrl+shift+w and save by ctrl+s. That’s it your job is done shortkey to open new window is changed to ctrl+shift+w.

Find word in directory

Sometimes, we need to find word from specific directory. Somelime’s find also is really much faster then other editor. ctrl+shift+f is shortcut key for directory search. Also you can add multiple different directories in single search. For example, you want to search keyword in drive D and E then add ‘D:\, E:\’ (Add two locations separating by ‘,’).

It is my most favorite editor ever.


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